By using Alibi, you agree to the following privacy policy.

Data Collected

User-data collected includes submitted usernames, gathering details, uploaded photos, and randomized user IDs. These values are used exclusively for facilitating app functionality and are never sold to third parties. We work with data and analytics providers in order to develop the app.

Users are not given access to gatherings created by others unless they are explicitly invited or given access to the link. All photos uploaded are scoped to individual gatherings, unless a user saves a photo memory to their profile, in which case others who can view their profile will also see the photo.

Messages are private within gatherings. All messages are automatically removed after 24 hours unless saved by a member of the gathering.

Third Parties

User data is never used for advertising purposes, shared with other applications, or sold.

If a user chooses to share a gathering on an external network, such as Snapchat or Instagram, Alibi forwards the gathering poster and invite URL to the respective platform.